GovTech Buying Frenzy Likely to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

Douglas “DJ” Palmer expounds on the combined influences of the pandemic and multiple federal spending bills—and why 2022 will be the year the GovTech ecosystem gets real at the grass-roots level.

December 8, 2021— Long before the pandemic hit, the need to modernize government legacy systems with more scalable solutions was readily apparent. That need became exacerbated by shutdown orders and social distancing restrictions forcing government and public-sector agencies to close their doors.

As 2021 brought forth the beginning of the world’s reopening, the GovTech space experienced a significant surge of activity. Our client Municode is a perfect example. Government stimulus measures combined with the massive infrastructure bill spurred even more interest and thus more investment from the private equity world. We anticipate that surge continuing into 2022 as money trickles down to the state and local level. features an article authored by our own Douglas “DJ” Palmer as he examines the key trends leading us to this conviction. Click here to read the article entitled “GovTech Buying Frenzy Likely to Continue in 2022 and Beyond.”



Douglas Palmer, Jr. (“DJ”) | 703.509.2845

Company owners addressing smaller municipality challenges with straightforward, simple and affordable technology will have opportunities they have never seen before — capital to grow and/or partner with larger platforms needing specific, integrable solutions.

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