Ascend Featured in Forbes on Reducing Churn in Online Subscription-Based Models

DJ Palmer provides tips on keeping subscription customers engaged and connected.

December 16, 2020—For subscription-based businesses like SaaS companies, reducing churn is key to improving revenue. Customer churn is the percentage of customers that stopped using a company’s product or service during a specific time frame. This percentage gives perspective into a business’s customer retention, which is an important factor in defining success especially as companies look to go to market.

Forbes features our own DJ Palmer as he provides perspectives on leveraging customer success roadmaps to improve retention and reduce churn.

Click here to read the full article entitled “14 Smart And Simple Ways To Reduce Churn In Your Online Subscription Service.”


Douglas Palmer, Jr. (“DJ”) | 703.509.2845

Churn is usually an issue with product, pricing or customer success. For subscription services such as software or e-commerce, customer success is often the culprit. Businesses should have a roadmap that carries a customer from onboarding and implementation to their first success using the product. Regular touch points beyond that first success are critical to retention and customer stickiness.

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