Embracing Evolution: Why Owning the HVAC Workflow is Driving Record Valuations

Eric Parekh explains why investors are paying upwards of 10x for full-service, controls-capable businesses.

May 20, 2022—As technology continues to prove itself an impetus for a changing and growing world, industries across all sectors are adapting and redefining how they do business. The commercial building automation market is no different—HVAC business owners who are embracing the changing needs of their users and leveraging the power of data are strategically winning as they create value for their customers (building owners, property managers), end-users (tenants), and for themselves.

We have seen industry consolidators rapidly expand their controls businesses to further embed themselves in their customers’ HVAC-related workflow and take ownership of the entire relationship, bringing greater interest from investors and increased valuation.

achrnews.com features an article authored by our own Eric Parekh as he explains why the time is now for business owners to focus on growth and integrated strategy to reap the reward of expanded valuations and how having ownership of each step of the HVAC process, from installation to monitoring, positions a company as a stable, reliable organization that creates sticky consumer relationships, builds re-occurring revenue, and meets the ever-changing needs of the consumer ecosystem.

Click here to read the article entitled Owning the HVAC Workflow is Driving Record Valuations.”


Eric Parekh

eric@ascendcg.com | 703.229-9809

Whether you are ahead of the curve or not, the time is now to focus on growth and integrated strategy to reap the reward of expanded valuations.

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