Ascend Advises Kaseware in its Strategic Investment from The Riverside Company

Washington, DC (April 10, 2024) – Ascend Capital Group is honored to announce its role as the exclusive financial advisor to Kaseware, a leading provider of next-generation, cloud-based investigation management software, in its investment by The Riverside Company (“Riverside”), a global private equity firm renowned for its strategic investments in the smaller end of the middle market. This growth investment highlights Kaseware’s emergence as a premier provider of investigative management software for public safety agencies and corporations.

Since its founding in 2016, Kaseware has been at the forefront of developing a cloud-based, all-in-one investigative platform. This platform is designed to streamline workflows, enhance intelligence, minimize time spent on manual tasks, and ensure compliant and expedient case resolutions. Originating from a team with deep roots in law enforcement and security, including co-founders who were instrumental in developing the FBI’s current investigation management system, Kaseware identified and filled a critical gap in the market for advanced records and case management software.

The partnership with Riverside provides Kaseware with deep expertise across law enforcement, public safety, and corporate security, and significant resources to continue to execute on a growth-oriented playbook. Moreover, this investment enables Kaseware to continue delivering superior service to customers and strengthening the safety and security of communities and organizations across the globe.

“The Riverside team and their investment philosophy are a perfect fit as we look to further expand and innovate our product,” said Kaseware Co-Founder & CEO Dorian Deligeorges. “We were pleased to find an investor that shares our vision for driving innovation across the public safety and security industries.”

“We built Kaseware to make the jobs of law enforcement, investigators and security staff easier, while enhancing community safety,” said Kaseware Co-Founder & President Nathan Burrows. “Riverside believes in our mission, and their investment will help us accelerate growth through new product development, enhanced support and geographic expansion.”

“The role of safety personnel and investigators has never been more challenged. There is simply a higher volume of incidents, more complexity in cases due to the volume of data and evidentiary support and not enough people to drive cases to completion,” said Riverside Micro-Cap Fund (RMCF) Senior Partner Joe Lee. “Kaseware is innovating the investigation process by combining world class investigative software with intelligence solutions. We’re excited to support this management team as they continue to solve the difficult but critical challenges their customers face.”

Ascend Capital Group, recognizing the fit between Riverside’s investment strategy in the Software and IT sectors and Kaseware’s ambitious growth and market expansion plans, identified Riverside as the ideal partner for Kaseware’s forthcoming growth phase. Leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and strategic foresight, Ascend highlighted Riverside’s extensive operational prowess and its consistent success in nurturing growth, positioning them as the perfect match to accelerate Kaseware’s development and innovation.

Dorian Deligeorges, Co-Founder & CEO of Kaseware, expressed enthusiasm with the outcome and future: “Working with Ascend was a truly positive experience. Their team brought a wealth of expertise to the table, and I was impressed with their dedication to understanding our company’s unique value proposition, navigating the complexities of our business, and relentlessly focusing on the right deal for everyone involved. They were a trusted advisor throughout the entire process and secured a great outcome for our shareholders and employees.”

D.J. Palmer, Managing Director at Ascend Capital Group, shared insights on the transaction: “This investment will catapult Kaseware into a new echelon of innovation, and market leadership. We’re excited to watch Kaseware further build on its rich history from the FBI and across the law enforcement and intelligence communities, as Riverside helps elevate the brand and product to reach greater heights. Customers, employees, and partners should be elated – there is an incredibly exciting chapter ahead!”



Douglas Palmer, Jr. (“DJ”) | 703.509.2845

“Working with Ascend was a truly positive experience. Their team brought a wealth of expertise to the table, and I was impressed with their dedication to understanding our company's unique value proposition, navigating the complexities of our business, and relentlessly focusing on the right deal for everyone involved."

  • Dorian Deligeorges

  • Co-Founder & CEO at Kaseware
About Kaseware
About Kaseware

Kaseware, established by ex-FBI special agents, specializes in advanced, cloud-based investigative software to streamline law enforcement and corporate security efforts. Their platform enhances investigation efficiency, intelligence gathering, compliance, and the speed of case resolutions. Drawing on deep public safety and software development expertise, Kaseware addresses the critical need for sophisticated records and case management solutions in both public and private sectors.

Leveraging the founders’ experience in creating the FBI’s current investigation management system, Kaseware offers tailored services that improve investigative workflows, reduce manual task times, and support faster case closings.

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About The Riverside Company
About The Riverside Company

The Riverside Company is a global investment firm focused on being one of the leading private capital and credit options for investors, business owners and employees at the smaller end of the middle market by seeking to fuel transformative growth and create lasting value. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has made more than 1,000 investments. The firm’s international private equity and flexible capital portfolios include more than 140 companies.

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