Emily Morgan

Operations Associate

About Emily Morgan

Emily brings over seven years of specialized experience in project management, executive support, and strategic oversight, to the Ascend Team. Her tenure in executive assistance and subsequent leadership in mergers and acquisitions projects has endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of both the operational and strategic dimensions of business transitions, playing a pivotal role in facilitating successful corporate integrations.

In her capacity managing large-scale scientific projects, Emily has demonstrated exceptional skill in steering complex contractual negotiations and orchestrating major events, engaging effectively with federal agencies, academic institutions, and the private sector. Her proficiency in handling diverse projects is matched by her dedication to medical science advancement, highlighted by her significant contributions to cancer research in esteemed scientific publications.

Emily's unique combination of project management acumen and a steadfast commitment to healthcare innovation makes her an invaluable asset to teams and organizations striving to overcome the hurdles of growth and transformation.

  • B.A. from Trinity University

Working alongside the Ascend team on a sell-side transaction offered me an in-depth look at their impressive business acumen and strong work ethic. The decision to join the team, when presented, was a straightforward one.

Usually with my nose in a book or on a plane headed somewhere.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page." - Saint Augustine